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first time bow owner. I want to know if anyone has info on size and weight of arows i need to use. I have a pse thunderbolt that shoots 300 fps. I have easton 2117 and 2219 with 100 grain heads. thanks

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Those two arrow sizes will not work whatsoever. Those arrows are only to be shot from a bow that has less than 60 lbs. of draw weight. In aluminum, you will need an arrow that starts with 23, 24, 25, or 26. In Easton aluminum, the outside two numbers represent outside diameter, thus spine. The second two numbers represent inner wall thickness; weight. In aluminum/carbon arrows, I shoot and love the Beman Carbon Metal Matrix arrows. I shoot a 30 inch Matrix in the 300 size (509 grains) but they make the Matrix in lighter versions. Great arrows, you can't go wrong with the Beman Matrix. But, no doubt, you will need a heavier spined arrow.

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Your best bet would be to go to your local shop or to a cabela's catelog and look at the arrow sizing chart. It will break it down by arrow length, draw weight, and the type of cam you have and give you a few arrows to choose from that will be correct for your set up. Also, if you are set on using the arrows you have, use the chart in the reverse order to find a way to tune your bow, i.e. backing down the draw weight, so the arrows you have are correct.

Whatever you decide, if you are going with aluminum arrows, as a personal preference, I recommend the Easton XX78s.