Latest Hunting News

Controlled Hunts Application Deadline Looming in Oklahoma

May 15 is the deadline for hunters to complete and submit their applications for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s controlled hunts drawings.

Pennsylvania Bill Limits Landowner Liability for Hunting Violations

landownerIt will be relieving for landowners in Pennsylvania to hear that they are one step closer to not being liable for the irresponsible actions of hunters they have allowed on their property.

On Monday May 7, the Pennsylvania Senate approved legislation that would limit the liability of landowners who allow hunting on their property.

Monster Buck Classic We Are Kansas Announces Dates for 2013 Event

Monster BuckBrian D. Smith the founder of the Monster Buck Classic We Are Kansas event announced Tuesday the dates for the 2013 event.

Michigan Elk and Bear License Application Period Now Open

The Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters to apply for their Michigan elk and bear hunting licenses now through June 1. Hunters may apply online at or at any retail license agent.

There are 200 elk licenses available for the 2012 hunting season, divided evenly between hunts in August/September and December. The August/September hunt is designed to target elk outside the primary elk range before these elk move for the breeding season. The December hunt will occur in the core elk range and also allows additional harvest outside the core area.

Outdoor Channel TV Show Uncovers a Human Eaten by a Crocodile

Photo: Tambako the Jaguar (flickr)Although humans hold a firm position at the top of the food chain, there are unfortunate circumstances when someone falls prey to a dangerous animal. Dallas Safari Club’s Ivan Carter’s crocodile hunt in Africa serves as a reminder that you must always be careful around dangerous animals and on territory those animals are known to inhabit.

Safari Club International Talking Conservation on Capitol Hill

Safari Club International (SCI) members will participate in more than 170 meetings this week with members of the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate on behalf of hunters everywhere. SCI’s lobby day on Capitol Hill represents the largest annual gathering of U.S. hunters in Washington, DC. This year’s focus will be working with the U.S. Senate to pass H.R. 4089, the Sportsmen’s Heritage Act of 2012.

Is it Legal to Hunt Bigfoot?

BigfootCryptomundo reader John Lloyd Scharf was wondering just that. His curiosity led him to send a letter to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) asking whether it is legal to kill Bigfoot in the state if one should chance upon him. The TPWD Chief of Staff Lt. David Sinclair replied that because an indigenous cryptid is not listed as a game animal, it would be legal.

Research Suggests Spray is Safer than Firearms in Preventing Bear Attacks

Photo: Mark A. PhilbrickA firearm may seem like a more reliable item to carry in the backcountry than non-lethal spray, but according to two recent studies, firearms are no more effective than self-defense spray when it comes to handling bears. Two studies led by Brigham Young University Bear Biologist and Associate Professor of Wildlife Science Thomas S. Smith concluded that firearms don’t guarantee protection.

Man Bitten by Coyote Who Mistook Him for a Turkey

Photo: Don DeBold (donjd2)Opening day can prove to be one full of oddities as many accidents and strange occurrences can happen as sportsmen and wildlife get back into the swing of things. And sometimes, hunters can run afoul of coyotes who are on the prowl for breakfast.

“I’ll never forget looking up and seeing a jaw full of teeth coming at me,” Bill Robinson, 39, from Maine said in an interview with Bangor Daily News.

Connecticut Takes Steps Towards Sunday Hunting

DeerConnecticut proponents of Sunday hunting hope they can soon say, “And on the seventh day He hunted.”

Connecticut is one of six states that does not allow hunting on Sundays, but Dan Esty, commissioner of energy and environmental protection, hopes to coax lawmakers to finally lift the ban.