Latest Hunting News

Three Men Convicted in Montana Poaching Case

Three men were recently convicted of several poaching-related offenses stemming from incidents occurring late last fall in the London Hills near Cardwell in Madison County. Fish, Wildlife and Parks Enforcement investigated the case uncovering three illegally taken elk, several instances of trespassing, and waste of game among other violations.

Revised Plan Will Allow a Few More Elk in Utah

Wildlife biologists have received approval to manage Utah for a few more elk in the coming years.

On June 6, members of the Utah Wildlife Board approved revisions to Utah’s elk management plan.  The revisions will allow the state’s elk population to be managed for up to 70,965 elk.  The current objective is 68,825 elk.

Tips Sought in Montana’s Bitterroot Deer Poaching Case

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks game wardens are looking for tips on a deer poaching case that occurred late last week in the northern Bitterroot Valley.

FWP Game Warden, Lou Royce, reported that at least five mule deer were shot and abandoned between the late evening hours of Wednesday, May 30 and the early morning hours of Friday, June 1 on the MPG Ranch, north of Florence.

Wardens found four bucks and one doe and are investigating and processing evidence collected at the scene.

Permit Applications Available for Special Deer Hunt in West Virginia

The National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) in Green Bank, W.Va., has announced that applications are now available and are being accepted for the special resident- only, controlled deer hunt at the NRAO site. This controlled hunt is organized and planned in cooperation with the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR).

Indictments Issued in New Mexico Antelope Poaching Case

A grand jury has indicted two men and a juvenile male from Rio Rancho on several counts in connection with the illegal killing of five pronghorn antelope Feb. 10 on the King Ranch near Zia Pueblo.

Michael Yarbrough, 21, Travis Miller, 18, and a 17-year-old are accused of cutting a fence, illegally trespassing on the ranch and shooting two bucks and three doe antelope. The heads of the bucks were removed and all the carcasses were left in a pile to rot. There was no legal hunt occurring at the time.

Wisconsin’s 2012 Spring Turkey Harvest Up 6 Percent from 2011

Turkey hunters took advantage of comfortable hunting conditions this spring, judging by the preliminary registration total of 42,612 turkeys, a 6 percent increase over the spring 2011 turkey season. A total of 201,984 permits were issued for this year’s hunt, down slightly from the 2011 total of 210,384.

Unseasonably warm weather characterized much of the season, in stark contrast to last year when snow, wind, and rain hindered hunters during the early time periods.

Conservation Reserve Program Lands Suffering from Economic Downturn

Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) lands throughout the country are feeling the pain in the aftermath of the rough economic situation. With high crop prices and the some new technology, farmers are leaving the conservation program to keep up with the economy. The numbers below represent the total of CRP loss over the span of CRP’s existence.

New Study: Black Bears Prefer a Roomier Vehicle

Every year the race to build the perfect animal-oriented automobile grows more intense. Kia tried to tap into the hamster demographic with this spot (music by Blacksheep). Not to be out done, Jeep tried to go after the entire woodland forest population. And as recently as 2011, Nissan went after the elusive “polar dollar” with this ad.

Wyoming Seeks to Remove Grizzly Bear from Federal Protection List, Potentially Open Hunting Season

The Governor of Wyoming, Matt Mead, recently wrote a letter to Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Ken Salazar asking him to remove the federal protection awarded to grizzly bears under the Endangered Species Act. Mead also asked the DOI to expedite the review for federal protections for Yellowstone bear populations to under two years.

Ohio’s Controlled Deer and Waterfowl Hunts Coming Soon

Hunters wanting to participate in Ohio’s fall controlled deer and waterfowl hunts have until July 31 to submit permit applications for a random drawing. These special hunts are held on selected public areas to provide additional hunting opportunities for Ohio’s hunting enthusiasts.

All applicants, youth and adult, must possess a current hunting license and meet the age requirements in order to apply for a controlled hunt.