Yukon FWMB Reviewing Wolf Management Plan

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The Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board (YFWMB) and Environment Yukon are jointly conducting a review of the territory's Wolf Conservation and Management Plan to find out what values and ecological conditions have changed since it was released in 1992.

"Through the review process, we hope interested parties will learn about the measures in place to manage Yukon wolves that recognize wolves and their prey are integral parts of Yukon ecosystems," Environment Minister John Edzerza said.

The Wolf Conservation Management Plan provides guidelines for decisions that ensure the long term survival of wolf populations in Yukon.

"This review will clarify what, if any, new principles are needed to guide future decision-making around wolf management in general in Yukon," YFWMB chair Richard Sidney said.

The Wolf Conservation and Management Plan Review will include public meetings and meetings with renewable resources councils and First Nations. A dedicated website will be available for sharing reports, research and other information about wolves and wolf management, as well as the original plan. The six-person review committee will coordinate the review and evaluate the 40 recommendations of the original management plan, taking into consideration the comments received and current research.

It is anticipated that final recommendation(s) on revisions to the plan will be ready by July 2011. The YFWMB is recognized within land claims Final Agreements as the primary instrument of fish and wildlife management in Yukon, with a mandate to make recommendations on wolf management.

Yukon has a healthy wolf population of 4,000 – 4,500 animals. About 130 wolves are harvested annually through trapping or hunting. It is illegal to waste the pelt.

More information is available on the Wolf Conservation and Management Plan Review website at yfwcm.ca/yukonwolfplanreview. The review committee will hold public meetings beginning early in the new year.