Young Sportsman's Deer Hunt

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Tennessee's first segment of the statewide Young Sportsman Deer Hunt will be October 29 & 30, 2005 this year. This special hunt is open to youths 6 through 16 years of age. Each youth must be accompanied by a non-hunting adult, 21 years of age or older, who does not need a license, but both youth and adult must wear 500 square inches of fluorescent orange.

Participating youth hunters 10 years of age and older are required to carry proof of successful completion of a Hunter Education Course. Adults who accompany must be close enough to take immediate control of the hunting device (gun or bow).

The bag limit for this first segment is: Unit A & L (Middle and West Tenn.) - 1 antlered deer and 2 antlerless deer; Unit B (East Tenn.) - 1 deer either-sex. An antlered deer taken on this hunt counts toward the statewide limit on antlered deer. Antlered deer are defined as deer with antlers 3 inches long or longer.

Some of TWRA's wildlife management areas will also be open for this hunt. A list of all WMAs and hunt dates can be found in the 2005 Tennessee Hunting and Trapping Guide. Hunters, ages 6 through 12, do not need a hunting license but must purchase a permit if hunting on WMAs that require a permit. Resident hunters, ages 13 through 15, must have the Junior hunting license and permit if hunting certain WMAs or Lifetime Sportsman License. Residents that are already 16 (when they purchase the license) must purchase adult licenses and permits.

Another segment of the Young Sportsman's Deer Hunt will be January 14-15, 2006. More details can be found in the 2005 Hunting and Trapping Guide.