Wyoming Hunter and Angler Retention Program Workshop

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In most states, the number of hunters and anglers is declining, but in Wyoming these numbers have remained steady for the past decade.

To help keep participation from declining in Wyoming, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) is developing a long-term statewide Hunter and Angler Recruitment and Retention (HARR) plan designed to give a comprehensive approach to Game and Fish efforts. A key component in this plan includes strengthening partnerships with organizations and agencies that have a stake in this issue.

In 2010, a number of conservation organizations along with Wyoming land management agencies and the WGFD met to begin addressing the issue. Topics included discussion about why HARR is important, creating more effective partnerships and current HARR efforts in Wyoming. Sub-groups were created to work on a marketing plan and to develop a clearinghouse of current activities and information.

The WGFD is hosting the second HARR summit, on Aug. 19-21, 2011 at the Whiskey Mountain Conservation Camp near Dubois and is seeking representation from sportsman's organizations to participate in this summit. As space is limited, organizations are asked to select a few key members that are actively involved in HARR efforts.

Questions about the hunter and angler recruitment and retention summit can be addressed to Tristanna Bickford at 307-777-4536 or [email protected]


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Wyoming is the most hunter

Wyoming is the most hunter friendly state that I have ever been in and I hope they are able to continue the tradition they have built and not be polluted like all the other states. Everywhere we go when hunting there people stop to ask how we did and what we saw with genuine interest. Here at home I have gotten the finger while driveing my truck with orange on more than once. Living down the road from Aspen is definately a differnt experience.

Anyway Wyoming is a state I plan to hunt every year as long as I can and I hope things can continue to work as they have.