Wyoming Existing Bear Bait Site Registration Now Open

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Black bear hunters who want to use bait for the upcoming bear seasons are advised that the registration period for existing bear bait sites began March 1.

Those who had bait sites registered in 2010 can register the same sites between March 1 and March 21. The registration period is closed from March 22 - 31 this year. Hunters can renew existing bait sites by telephone, mail, fax, in person or through a representative. Bait sites are registered for the year and cannot be changed until the following year.

Registration of unclaimed bait sites begins on April 1, at 8 a.m. at Game and Fish regional offices on a first come, first served basis. Unclaimed bait sites must be registered in person or through a representative.

Bear hunters must have a 2011 black bear license to register a bait site and no bear bait may be placed on state, federal or Game and Fish lands without first registering the bait site. Each bear hunter is allowed two bait sites, but only one bait per section. Baits cannot be placed more than seven days before opening day of archery season and must be removed within seven days after the close of the season.

For more information, black bear hunters can pick up a copy of the current bear hunting regulations at license agents or Game and Fish offices. Regulations are also available on the department's website at http://gf.state.wy.us/. From there, click on hunting and then hunting regulations.


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Interesting.  Registering

Interesting.  Registering bait sites?  Is this done in other states?

Never heard of it.  I wonder why they do it.

Huh, learn something new every day.