Wyoming Antelope Hunters Permission Slip Drawing Deadline

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Antelope hunters with area 37 or 44 licenses in southeast Wyoming, are alerted Aug. 4 is the deadline to enter the drawing for a permission slip for the Monolith Ranch or Lone Tree Creek hunter management areas.

The deadline to apply for permission slips for four other HMAs is Aug. 22:

-- Coyote Creek, general and region K deer near Evanston
-- Deer Creek, area 7 elk near Glenrock
-- Medicine Butte, general and region K deer near Evanston
-- PK Lane, general and area 37 elk near Sheridan
-- Duncan Ranch, antelope 30, general and limited quota deer and elk 7 near Douglas

The drawings are scheduled for two days after the deadline.

This is the second year permission slips for selected HMAs are being issued by drawing. To apply, go to the Game and Fish Department Web site at http://gf.state.wy.us and enter the information requested. The site also provides information on the other 19 HMAs across the state.

HMAs are part of the G&F’s Private Lands/Public Wildlife Program, where the Game and Fish leases hunting privileges on private ranches. In exchange for a modest payment, the landowner allows the department to oversee hunting access for designated species.

For additional information, call the Game and Fish Access Section at (307) 473-3400.