Wildlife Strategy Available for Review

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Are you interested in knowing about Idaho's rare animals or those with special conservation needs?

Where and how do they live, the habitats that are important to them, the problems they face, and how do we conserve them? Idaho's Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy on the Idaho Fish and Game website- http://fishandgame.idaho.gov- has this and much more.

The CWCS has been nearly two years in the making. Wildlife biologists from state and federal agencies, universities, and private companies contributed information on Idaho's wildlife species. Using the best available information, the "Species of Greatest Conservation Need" were identified and includes birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, insects, snails, and some creatures you probably have never heard of. The strategy also describes the location, condition, and abundance of habitat in Idaho and identifies the habitats that are most important to the species of greatest conservation need.

The strategy is available for public review and comment in the "Featured Pages" section on the website. You can comment online or send comments to Comprehensive Strategy, Idaho Department of Fish and Game, PO Box 25 Boise, Idaho 83706. Comments must be received by September 15, 2005 to be considered.