Wildlife Regulations out for Public Review

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The Yukon government is encouraging public review and comment on proposed Wildlife Act regulations that will allow big game outfitters to have one guide for two hunters under certain circumstances, permit Yukon trappers to take tourists out on the trapline for a trapping experience, and increase the trap check period for quick kill traps from five to seven days.

The proposed regulation will allow outfitters to have one guide for two hunters in unforeseen circumstances, such as a guide is injured or ill and unable to continue to work. A chief guide would then be able to guide two hunters at one time. The Wildlife Act presently requires one guide for every hunter on an outfitted hunt.

The proposed tourist trapping regulation outlines the procedures if trappers want to take tourists out to experience life on a trap line. The Yukon Trappers’ Association requested the regulation as a way of helping trappers increase their economic opportunities by making it possible for trappers to offer additional winter tourism activities.

The increase in the trap check period will give part-time trappers more time to get out to their traplines to check their quick kill traps.

Copies of the regulation are available from Environment Yukon offices in the communities, and in Whitehorse at 10 Burns Road or the front desk of the main administration building on Second Avenue, and online at: www.environmentyukon.gov.yk.ca.

The deadline for written comments back to Environment Yukon is Thursday, May 11.