Wildlife Action Plan

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Since early last year, Division of Fish and Wildlife staff has been working on a blueprint for the future conservation of our state's species of greatest conservation need. This blueprint is called a Wildlife Action Plan (formerly referred to as the Comprehensive Wildlife Conservation Strategy) which each state must have approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) by October 2005 in order to qualify for future State Wildlife Grants (SWG) program federal funds.

The SWG program provides federal funds to states for the conservation of species that are endangered, threatened, rare or have special conservation needs. New Jersey now gets approximately $1.1 million dollars of SWG funding each year. Your contributions to the Division's Endangered and Nongame Species Program provide the 25% match that enable us to obtain these critical federal funds. Essentially, every dollar donated to the Check-off or for Conserve Wildlife license plates leverages three federal dollars in SWG funding.

The New Jersey Wildlife Action Plan (WAP) will be submitted to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service October 1, 2005. It lays the foundation for better coordination of wildlife research and management among programs within the Division of Fish and Wildlife, state and federal agencies and many partners in the conservation community. The conservation strategies from states throughout the nation will collectively offer a strong argument to Congress to consider providing a stable and permanent funding source for the rare-species conservation.


1. Information on the distribution and abundance of species of wildlife

2. Descriptions of locations and relative condition of key habitats and community types

3. Descriptions of problems and priority research and survey efforts

4. Descriptions of conservation actions

5. Proposed plans for monitoring

6. Descriptions of procedures to review the strategy

7. Coordinating the development, implementation, review and revision of the plan with Federal, State, and local agencies and Native American tribes

8. Broad public participation


The International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies' "Teaming With Wildlife Committee" is leading the push for permanent federal funding for the conservation of rare and nongame species. Teaming With Wildlife is a coalition of more than 3000 organizations working to prevent wildlife from becoming endangered by supporting increased federal funding for state-level wildlife conservation.

The International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies (IAFWA), founded in 1902, represents the government agencies responsible for North America's fish and wildlife resources. IAFWA applies expertise in science, policy, economics and coalition-building to serve its members as a national and international voice on a broad array of wildlife and conservation issues.


An array of partners, including other government agencies, conservation groups, private landowners and other members of the public, helped develop the draft plan. The general public is encouraged to review the draft and provide further input and comments. Comments on the plan will be accepted through September 21, 2005, for consideration for inclusion in the draft provided to the USFWS in October, 2005. No deadline has been set for comments to be considered for inclusion in future revisions of the plan.

Through our website there are currently three (3) ways to review the plan. Comments can be submitted through an online form, linked below.

Entire Wildlife Action Plan (pdf, 24mb)

Interactive Outline of Plan - Provides links to sub-sections of the plan in PDF format

Interactive Zone Map - Uses a "clickable" map to provide links to sub-sections of the plan by zone in PDF format

Comments Submission Form

All comments must be submitted by September 21, 2005.