Vermont's Youth Deer Hunting Weekend Nov. 4 and 5

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Ask any seasoned hunter how they started hunting and you are likely to hear about an older person who provided the initial spark when they were a kid. It may have been a dad or grandfather, uncle or friend. It really doesn't matter -- the results are always the same -- our hunting tradition passed from one generation. And that's exactly what Vermont's Youth Deer Hunting Weekend on November 4th and 5th, 2006 is all about.

"The future of hunting and trapping is directly related to the continuing participation of young Vermonters in our hunting seasons," said Vermont Fish & Wildlife Commissioner Wayne Laroche. "This special weekend was set aside for our next generation of hunters to learn from adults how to hunt safely and responsibly and enjoy Vermont's great hunting opportunities."

Young resident hunters who qualify can obtain a free youth deer hunting tag application from license agents. A qualifying hunter is anyone under 16 years of age who has successfully completed a hunter education course and who has at least one parent or guardian who is a legal resident of Vermont. The hunter safety course certificate must be shown when the application is presented to the license agent. The parent or guardian must sign the application.

The young hunter must also have a valid Vermont hunting license and be accompanied while hunting by an adult over 18 years of age who holds a valid Vermont hunting license. The adult may not carry a gun or bow. A youth hunting license costs $8.00. The adult may take up to two young hunters out at a time.

Landowner permission is mandatory on private land before hunting with a Youth Deer Hunting Tag. The tag is good for one deer of either sex anywhere in the state and may be used only on November 4 or 5.

Commissioner Laroche reminds hunters who are going to be taking a young person out on youth deer hunting weekend that they are a role model who will always be remembered. Teach respect for the landowner, safety at all times, the best of ethics, and obey the law.

Earlier this year, young hunters were provided with a special weekend of waterfowl hunting on September 23rd and 24th.

Think back to when you started hunting. Perhaps that first morning out was with the guidance of an experienced hand. If so, it is likely indelibly etched in your mind as a special experience with many valuable lessons learned. Take the time this November 4 and 5 to take a young person hunting -- and pass on Vermont's great hunting tradition.