Vermont Turkey Season Continues

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Vermont's fall turkey hunting season opportunities are expanded as the result of a regulation change in effect this year.

Following strategies outlined in Vermont’s Big Game Management Plan, the Fish and Wildlife Department recommended expanding fall turkey hunting based on scientific data and public input.

As a result, the Fish and Wildlife Board passed a regulation that allows turkey bow hunting statewide, a seven-day shotgun season is expanded to nine days, and Wildlife Management Units (WMUs) B, D1, D2, and H1 are opened for the fall shotgun season for the first time. Only WMUs A, C and E remain closed to the hunting of turkeys with shotguns in the fall season.

Vermont's 2010 Turkey Fall Seasons:

  • Shotgun or bow & arrow: October 23-31 in WMUs B, D1, D2, G, H1, H2, I, J1, J2, L, M1, M2, O1, O2, P, and Q
  • Shotgun or bow & arrow: October 23-November 7 in WMUs F1, F2, K1, K2, and N

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department tracks the abundance of turkeys using harvest data, nesting success provided by turkey brood surveys, winter severity, and hunter pressure based on license sales. Vermont's wild turkey population is estimated to be more than 50,000 birds.

"Weather conditions appear to have been favorable for chick survival this year, so hunters should expect to see a higher of number of turkeys going into the fall season," said Forrest Hammond, Vermont Fish and Wildlife's lead biologist on wild turkeys.