Vermont Moose Lottery Now Open

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Always wanted a moose hunting permit but never won one in a state lottery? Here's your chance to bid on a permit, rather than take your chances in another moose permit lottery.

Vermont's third auction for moose hunting permits is now open with an August 1 deadline to get in your written bid for a permit. Five permits will be auctioned in sealed, written bids.

Auction winners will choose to hunt in one of several wildlife management units (WMUs) open to moose hunting and choose during one of two hunting seasons -- either October 20-25 or October 27-November 4. Seventeen of Vermont's 25 WMUs are open to moose hunting.

Hunting success rates for individual management units may be found in a report on Vermont's 2006 Moose Hunting Season available on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department's website Under 'Hunting & Trapping,' click on Big Game Harvest Reports.

You will be able to name a partner to hunt with you who also may carry a firearm or bow, and a third unarmed person may accompany you on your hunt. There are many experienced Vermont moose hunting guides who could assist you if needed.

Bids do not include the cost of a hunting license ($16 for residents and $90 for nonresidents) or hunting permit fee ($100 for residents and $350 for nonresidents).

To receive a 2007 Moose permit bid kit, contact the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, 103 South Main Street, Waterbury, VT 05651-0501. Telephone 802-241-3700 or email [email protected].

Wildlife biologists are prescribing that 1,250 moose hunting permits be issued for the 2007 hunting season, at which time the statewide moose population is estimated to be over 5,000 animals.

Proceeds from the moose hunting permit auction will help fund Fish and Wildlife educational programs. Last year bids ranged from $3,787 to $5,901. Winning auction bidders from last year may apply in this year's lottery and may bid in the auction again this year.