Vermont Holding Hearing Regarding Hunting in Enclosures

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A public hearing will be held by the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Board Monday, February 12, on a proposed regulation establishing a permitting process for importing and possessing wildlife for hunting in an enclosed area.

The proposed Vermont regulation would prohibit the importation, possession or confinement of white-tailed deer, black bear and moose. The Fish & Wildlife Commissioner would add or delete species from the list of prohibited species in the future. No new facilities for taking animals behind fences may be established, and those existing on July 1, 2006 may continue to operate subject to the proposed regulation.

The new regulation would require that any of the species listed as prohibited, such as white-tailed deer, black bear and moose, shall be reported to the Fish & Wildlife Department for removal. A hunting license would be required of anyone hunting in a permitted enclosure. The proposed regulation includes other controls on the importation and possession of any permitted wildlife to be kept in these facilities.

A copy of the proposed regulation is available on the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department website Click on 'Law Enforcement' and then 'Rules and Proposed Rules'

The public hearing on February 12 will be held from 7:00 - 9:00 pm in the Pavilion Auditorium on State Street in Montpelier.