Vermont Deer Poaching Investigation Leads to Multiple Criminal Charges

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Two Barnet residents have received multiple criminal charges resulting from a report to Vermont State Game Wardens involving hunting on November 6, opening day of youth deer hunting weekend, without landowner permission.

After an investigation, wardens executed a search warrant November 10, at the Carl and Tricia Sanborn residence in Barnet in response to alleged wildlife violations, bear baiting, and spotting and locating deer. Three deer, deer meat, bear meat, an ATV, a rifle, a computer, photos, and video footage were seized. A second search was executed at the residence the next day when six compound bows and arrows were seized. Several vehicles and a Town of Barnet school bus were also searched.

Carl Sanborn, 40, was charged with four counts of Illegal Possession of Big Game, Taking Big Game by Illegal Means, Taking Bear in a Baited Area, Spotting and Locating, Contributing to Juvenile Delinquency, and Recklessly Endangering Another Person. Tricia Sanborn, 40, was charged with four counts of Illegal Possession of Big Game, and Recklessly Endangering Another Person. More charges are anticipated.

Upon conviction of a violation related to the illegal taking, possessing, or transporting of big game, a person may be fined up to $500 for the first offense and up to $1000 for each subsequent offense. Big game violations carry potential jail times of up to 60 days in jail for each violation and revocation of hunting fishing, and trapping privileges for three years. Potential restitution for the deer and bear killed is up to $1000 per animal. Upon a conviction of Taking Big Game by Illegal Means, the implements used in the taking and transporting, firearms, bows, and vehicles, are subject to forfeiture to the State. A conviction of Recklessly Endangering Another Person carries a possible fine of up to $1000 and one year in jail. A conviction of Contributing to Juvenile Delinquency carries a possible fine of $2000 and up to two years in jail.

Anyone with information related to this case should contact Senior Game Warden Dennis Amsden through the Vermont State Police Dispatch, at 802-748-3111.


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The penalties do not seem

The penalties do not seem very harsh for the crimes they committed.  I doubt that they will get any jail time and depending on the area in which they live the may not get much of a penalty.  There was one county prosecuter here in Kansas that would not prosecute poaching in his county because he thought there were too may deer.

I think most poaching penalties are antiquated and need of updating.  Good work to the LEOs that caught them.

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Worse than you think

the situation is worse than you think, incredibly shorthanded, somedays only 2 wardens are covering the entire state, the wardens also have to prosecute their own cases!!

at least in Bennington County the DA says 'we aint got the time' so if game violations are going to go to court the wardens have to play district attorney, I know of ZERO wardens who went to law about you?

So take a recent scenario my wife ran by an officer of the VT game warden clan...with moose auction tags bringing voer $4500 a pop, what would it cost someone worst case scenario if they got caught poaching a moose?

Answer; best for warden/worst case for shooter? IF they shot from the road , from inside the car, with no license, out of season at night he'd send them to jail over night maybe for the weekend, and push for max. sentences on all counts, likely getting the $1000 fine and loss of license for 1 year, and the moose would be taken away.

the shooter would likely not lose guns, car, etc or face higher fines than that $1,000 plus court costs and bail. Figure it would be a $1500 moose plus loss of license most likely.

My wife immediately asked why we weren't poaching the moose that are in our backyard every day? its cheaper than buying a tag, and that's IF we got caught....she was kidding ofcourse but the slap on the wrist is not going to deter too many people, we saw two parties with CT plates in Tabor shoot 2 nice bucks, drive around all week with them tagged in the back of their rblack little pickup and then we found the deer dumped out on plastic sheeting off the campsite, all that was missing was the hams and antlers....nearby more plastic with a spike and a button buck on it, what possible fine would make them NOT do this>??

same reason we don't speed on the highways...the fines, insurance increases and BS is not worth it so we go near the limit even in zones we think its too low.

Stick the game slob and poacher with fines so high they can't take a deep breath and take their car, house and guns AND make it so they can't hold a license for hunting, trapping or fishing in ANY state and they will knock this crap off.

Guaranteed. I know I would toe the line, holy crappin crap, that's enough to scare me "Sportsman".LOL!!