Verify Your Deer License

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It’s only a month before deer season and hunters are eagerly anticipating opening day. Rifles are getting sighted in and hunts are being planned. However, one very important item that sometimes gets overlooked is finding and verifying the deer license, according to Carrie Whitney, licensing supervisor for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

“Hunters are always calling at the last minute because they can’t find their deer license,” Whitney said, “and when it happens right before the season starts, it’s difficult to get a replacement license as quickly as one wants.”

That is just one reason why hunters should look for their deer license now. Another one is to check it for accuracy.

“Sometimes the information on the license isn’t what the hunter thought it should be,” Whitney said. “Hunters need to double-check the license now to make sure the unit, species and deer sex doesn’t lead to any surprises.”

Deer hunters who can’t find their license and are in need of a replacement can print out a duplicate (replacement) license application from the Game and Fish Department’s website,, or can call 701-328-6300 to have an application mailed or faxed.

The form must be completely filled out and notarized, and sent back in to the department with a fee. The application is processed the day it is received, Whitney said, and the license is mailed out the next business day.