Two Men Charged With Poaching

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Poaching charges were filed against two Eddy County residents after an Operation Game Thief call on Feb. 23 reported two men were shooting at a herd of deer. Jerry Carrasco, 24, of Loving and Juan Olivas, 33, of Malaga were charged in Eddy County Magistrate Court on Feb. 28 with attempting to take deer during a closed season.

The caller alleged that two men in a rust-colored Chevrolet pickup were shooting at a small herd of deer and that two of the animals reacted as if they had been hit by the gunfire. Bryan Nygren, district wildlife supervisor, traced the vehicle's license plate given by the caller to Carrasco. When questioned, Carrasco said he was rabbit hunting with Olivas when the two deer jumped up and ran off. Nygren seized a .22-caliber rifle found in Carrasco's pickup.

At the location reported by the caller, Nygren and Officer Terry Nelson found numerous spent .22 shell casings, deer tracks and fresh blood as well as two areas where the deer appeared to have fallen.

"These deer were wounded badly enough that they probably will lay down and die," said Nygren.

Olivas initially said that he and Carrasco were shooting at a rabbit, but then gave a voluntary written statement saying that he and Carrasco had shot at the deer. The next day, Carrasco contacted Officer Nygren and changed his statement to corroborate that given by Olivas.

If convicted, the men face fines of $50 to $500 each and up to six month in jail for the violation.