Turkey Hunting Results on A.E.D.C. WMA

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44 turkey (35 adult toms and 9 juvenile toms ("jakes")) were harvested during the first turkey hunt of 2006 on AEDC WMA, held April 1-3, 2006. This is a new record for the number of turkey harvested in one hunt on AEDC. The old record was 34 turkey taken on the April 3-5, 2004 hunt.

The heaviest tom taken this hunt was a 23.5 lb bird with a 10-inch beard, taken by David McBurett of Chattanooga, TN. The longest beard was 12.0 inches, belonging to a 19-pound tom taken by Martin Hall of Lynchburg, TN.

The youngest successful hunter on this hunt was 12-year-old Bradley Daniel of Tullahoma, TN, who killed his first turkey on April 1. It was a 20.5 lb tom with a 9.5 beard, with 1.3-inch long spurs.

The remaining 2006 turkey hunts for AEDC WMA are scheduled for April 7-9, April 21-23, and April 28-30. The Tennessee National Guard Training Area will be closed to hunting on the April 7-9 hunt. All hunters must posses the appropriate licenses and WMA permits. All hunters must sign in at the hunters checking station prior to hunting, and sign out at the completion of their hunt.