Thirty-two Charges Filed For Illegal Caribou Killing

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Conservation officers with the Department of Forest Resources and Agrifoods have laid a total of 32 charges against four individuals from Badger as a result of alleged violations to the Wildlife Act. The charges include illegal killing of caribou, illegal possession of caribou, illegal possession of a firearm and wilfully allowing big game to spoil.

Three of the four individuals charged are young offenders, two are aged 15 and one 16 year old. The other individual is 18 years old and being charged as an adult. The alleged offences took place over a two day period in November 2002.

The investigation started following complaints from the public that caribou had been shot and left to rot near the community of Badger. During the investigation, conservation officers from the department’s western region office identified a total of four caribou killed and left to rot.

Conservation officers also seized two firearms, a 22 calibre rifle and a prohibitive firearm that has been turned over to the RCMP. The individuals charged are scheduled to appear in court at Buchans on February 20.