Texas Wise County Poachers Caught in the Act

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Nov. 5, Wise County Game Warden Chris Dowdy and Tarrant County Game Warden David Vannoy were patrolling Wise County on the eve of the rifle season opener. While investigating a call about a possible poacher, warden Dowdy received another call from a landowner about a deer that had just been shot from the road. After the first call was cleared, the wardens responded to the second call. When they arrived, the wardens found two very upset landowners and one dead white-tailed doe. Darkness had not yet fallen, and the wardens figured that the poachers would soon be back for their take. They didn't have to wait long before the poachers returned. As a pickup truck crept to a stop on the county road, the driver got out and gleefully ran through the field laughing and shouting back to his buddies, "I got it, I got it!" As the driver attempted to return to the truck with the deer, wardens Dowdy and Vannoy surprised the two men and one juvenile. In the truck, the wardens found a rifle, spotlight, headlamps, and beer. Another doe poached from a neighboring county also was found in the bed of the truck. Multiple cases are pending.

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Good for the wardens for

Good for the wardens for getting those low lifes. Who does that with thier free time; drive around the county getting good and liquored up, spot lighting deer and shooting them and then picking them up after dark. Sadly there are more people in this country doing this stuff than I would like to admit. They are the exception to the rule though and I love it when they get busted. Hopefully they will learn their lesson.

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Unfortunately, and I mean

Unfortunately, and I mean this, not all young people are upstanding citizens with ambitions and goal, ethics and character like you.  Many are misguided and have no direction in life.  They seek the easy way in life, cheap thrills and immediate gratification not knowing the satisfaction that comes from earning what you got instead of cheating to get it.

Good for the game warden to understand the situation and how to catch the poacher.