Texas OHV Decal Required January 1

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On Jan. 1, 2007, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department game wardens and other authorities will begin enforcing the requirement for all qualifying trail vehicles to have a current Texas Off Highway Vehicle (OHV) decal properly mounted on their trail vehicles when used at OHV venues on public land in Texas.

A Texas OHV decal costs $8 and is good through August 31 of the year it is purchased. Many other states require similar decals. A decal bought in Texas is also valid in other states and other states' decals are valid in Texas.

Revenue from decal sales will be used to provide grants to help municipalities, counties, state or federal agencies and non-profit corporations create or improve OHV recreation areas in Texas.

Non-street legal motorcycles, all terrain vehicles (ATV) and non-street legal four-wheel drive vehicles are required to display the OHV decal when trail riding on public lands in Texas. The law applies to all public lands in Texas including municipal, county, state or federal lands where OHV recreation is approved and legal. Street legal OHV's do not require the Texas OHV decal no matter where they are used in Texas. Decals are not required for vehicles used on private land.

Failure to comply with this law is a Class C misdemeanor and could result in the OHV operator being issued a citation, with possible fines ranging from $25-to-$500.

It's been almost one year since the Texas OHV program was created Jan. 1, 2006 to provide family-oriented OHV trail riding opportunities which are safer and will serve as a positive force for conservation of the natural and cultural resources of Texas.

During 2006, the Texas program began the process of creating new OHV parks near Ozona in Crockett County, near Big Spring in Howard County, and near Childress in Childress County. The program has also approved grant funds to improve existing OHV venues in the Sam Houston National Forest in Montgomery County, the Marshall Creek OHV Park in Denton County, Buffalo Springs Lake Trails in Lubbock County, the Canadian River OHV Area in Potter County and Buffalo Valley MX Park in Bexar County.

The program now has a new set of Web pages with up to date information on where to buy the required decal, where to ride off the highway in Texas, responsible use of OHVs, resources for riders, and frequently asked questions about the OHV program.

A Texas OHV decal can be purchased by calling the Texas Parks & Wildlife Customer Service Center (CSC) at (512) 389-8917. Decals can also be bought at selected parks and retail stores listed on the TPWD Web site.