Tennessee Has New Tool in Fight Against Poachers

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Tennessee's membership in the Wildlife Violator Compact gives the state a new tool to use in the battle against poachers and other violators of Tennessee’s hunting and fishing laws.

"Membership in the compact means that for the first time, we can reach out-of-state violators of Tennessee's wildlife laws," TWRA Attorney Sheryl Holtam said. "Under terms of the compact, a wildlife violator from another state may lose his hunting and fishing privileges in their home state as well as in Tennessee for a violation of Tennessee law."

The Wildlife Violators Compact is similar to the long-existing Driver's License Compact, which allows states to prosecute traffic violations involving out-of-state residents. If a traffic violator fails to appear for court cases or pay a citation, he is subject to the loss of his license in his home state.

"The Wildlife Violator Compact is part of a nationwide effort to cut down on the problem of poaching and to make hunters and anglers accountable for their actions wherever they may be," Holtam said.

A national database of wildlife violator and violations is kept in Nevada. The database contains information on the violator's offense as well as his name, social security number and citation number. As our hunting lands shrink in size, this will be another important tool in bringing poachers to justice.