Tennessee Changes 2010 Special Deer Seasons

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Hunters are reminded by the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency the special season fall turkey hunts and county deer quota hunts have been changed to non-quota hunts in many counties across the state.

The change will eliminate the need for hunters to obtain a quota permit prior to the hunt. Hunters will be able to participate in any non-quota hunt in a county where the hunt is established. A Type 094 non-quota permit will be required except for sportsmen license holders (including lifetime licenses) and individuals eligible for the landowner exemption.

Visit http://news.tennesseeanytime.org/node/5508 for the tables that provide the dates each county is open for antlerless deer gun hunting and fall turkey hunting. If a sportsman wishes to participate in either of these seasons, he or she should simply find the county that is desired to hunt, check the dates the county is open, and follow the bag limits listed within the table. Hunters need to keep in mind; Unit L counties are open throughout the entire gun season with a three antlerless deer per day bag limit. If a county is not listed in the table (except Unit L deer), it is closed for antlerless gun or fall turkey hunting.