SuperTag Deadline Near

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Hopeful hunters, who didn't find that moose, bighorn sheep, or mountain goat hunting license in their mailboxes this week, have until July 6 to take another shot at the dream by entering Montana's new $5 SuperTag lottery.

This year five lucky hunters will win a Montana SuperTag license to hunt a moose, bighorn sheep, mountain goat, elk or deer in any hunting district. The deadline for entering chances to win a moose, bighorn sheep and mountain goat SuperTag is July 6.   The deer and elk SuperTag deadline is Aug. 3.

Resident and nonresident hunters can buy an unlimited number of $5 chances to win a Montana SuperTag hunting license for some of the state's most popular big game species. Each SuperTag license allows one to hunt in any Montana hunting district.

Chances are sold electronically at all FWP License Providers or via the Internet.   Proceeds from the sale of SuperTag chances will enhance public hunting access and boost FWP enforcement efforts.

For more information visit FWP's SuperTag web page.