Summer Hunter Safety Courses

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With school out and most extracurriculars idle, summer makes a perfect time for young hunters to take the required hunting safety class.

North Carolina requires first-time buyers of a hunting license to complete a 10-hour hunter education course. The N.C. Wildlife Resources Commission offers these courses free throughout the year, although many participants don’t register until fall, when hunting is on their minds. The result can be crowded classes that may not fit easily into busy schedules.

“Most school-age youth are much better off taking hunter education during their summer break,” says Capt. Mike Bogdanowicz, hunter safety coordinator for the Wildlife Commission.

Most courses take place on Saturday and Sunday or on three consecutive weeknights, which can interfere with homework, school events or other commitments. And parents shuttling their kids to after-school activities can find themselves making additional trips.

“We find that hunter education classes can require a lot of schedule-juggling, especially for students who are involved in sports and other activities,” Bogdanowicz adds. “Taking a summer course is generally much more convenient for students, not to mention their parents.”

Even adults who take the hunter safety course may find a summer session more accommodating, especially in densely populated counties. For information about classes in your area, visit the Hunting/Safety Classes page for a complete schedule of courses organized by county. You may also register online for classes within 45 days of their start date. Or call (919) 733-7192 to register or for more information.