Successful Start for YOUTH Hunting Program

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More than 3,000 stickers have already been distributed statewide to landowners participating in a youth hunting access program, reports Jeb Williams, outreach biologist for the North Dakota Game and Fish Department.

Developed by the game and fish department and private landowners, Young Outdoorsmen Understanding The hunting Heritage is designed to allow young hunters land access once permission from the landowner is granted. Landowners who participate in the program place a YOUTH sticker on a "no hunting" sign. The sticker is not a guarantee that a landowner will allow access on a particular day, but they are positive encouragement for young hunters to ask.

"The Department has received numerous requests from landowners, sportsmen, sporting good stores and hunter education instructors to either participate in the program or help promote it," Williams said. "In fact, we had to order an additional 8,000 stickers."

One landowner from the Grand Forks area was so excited he called and thanked the department for saving him money, Williams mentioned. "This landowner was in the process of having no hunting and trespassing signs made that gave special consideration to young hunters. Needless to say, he was in favor of the program and eager to request stickers."

Based on the number of inquiries, Williams believes the youth program will continue to grow. "I have been very pleased with the response and willingness of numerous individuals to participate in the program," Williams said. "I am confident this program will assist young hunters and instill in our younger generation proper landowner/sportsmen relations."

Private landowners interested in finding out more about the program, or to receive YOUTH stickers, should contact a local game and fish office, or the main office in Bismarck at 701-328-6300.