Sportsmen Scoping Meetings

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Reducing controlled hunt permit levels and managing hunters using ATVs were the top concerns from 165 sportsmen who made comments during this years big game scoping meetings in Burley, Twin Falls and Hailey.

“We had good turnouts and gathered some good comments from sportsmen in the region,” said Randy Smith, regional wildlife manager. “It’s surprising, but we are still receiving comments from sportsmen. The information we gather from them helps us better understand how the sportsmen want the wildlife managed.”

Hunter preferences for changes in deer seasons are ranked as follows (165 respondents):

1 - Controlled hunts or reduce permit levels in controlled hunts

2 - Manage hunters on ATVs

3 - Shorten the any-buck season

4 - Implement weapons restrictions

5 - Shorten the any-buck season and allow some limited hunting for 2 pts.

6 - Implement 2 pt. only hunts

7 - Current management

One of the most interesting facts gathered at the meetings, was that 81 hunters use ATVs for hunting, with 84 not. People wanting to restrict ATV use during hunting totaled up 103 votes.

“This is exciting to me that we are getting this many comments,” said Smith. “We want people to know we are still taking input on the issues until Feb. 24. The information will then be forwarded to Boise in time for the Commission meeting in March.”