South Africa in Top Spot at SCI's 2006 Reno Convention Auctions

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It is the time of the year again, when all eyes are turn towards North America and the annual conventions and gun shows. The SCI convention has grown in leaps and bounds during the last decade and exhibitor donations keep rolling in. The 2006 convention is likely to break all records, at least in terms of items (and values) offered for auction during the event.

According to Safari Times Vol17/72 the total of all hunt donations reached more than 3.3 million dollars - up from 2005 by 26.5 percent.

The non-hunt auction items shot up by incredible 51 percent to almost 2.5 million dollars giving the SCI auctions during the 2006 convention a total value of 5.8 million dollars.

Although these figures are based on donor valuations (the fall of the hammer might reveal other amounts), and most donors do not make 100% donations, SCI is bound to reap in a nice little treasure after deducting auction costs and reimbursements to donors.

Let us hope that those who lead SCI will use the funds to advance in a cooperative way together with other hunting organizations. In a joint strategy the combined funds of a hunters' alliance will be far more effective to further the objectives we all stand for.

South Africa claims the top spot in Africa and the World with $534,000 in hunt donations, beating the hunting companies from the United States for the first time, although only narrowly Third place honors go to Argentina with $406,000. Africa leads again the continental evaluation with $1.27 million which make up for 37% of the total value in hunt donations, North America follows as distant second with $924,000 and 27% share of the total and South America is in third position with $580,000 and 17% share.

Source: African Indaba – an electronic newsletter as a public service for hunter-conservationists and all people who are interested in the conservation, management and the sustainable use of Africa’s wild natural resources. African Indaba is published six times a year and distributed free-of-charge via e-messaging service. You can subscribe to the full newsletter by sending an email with your full address to [email protected].