Sixty Alternate Moose Hunters Get Permits

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60 moose hunters who thought they missed out on this year’s hunt will receive some good news as they will be notified that they have been selected for a permit in the 2006 Moose Hunt.

The 60 hunters were initially selected as alternates, and alternates are generally notified when someone declines their permit. However, this year, the first 60 alternates will get a permit due to a mistake by the department in entering selection data for moose hunting categories in the computer lottery program. Without the proper selection information entered in the program, the computer did not select any Resident Antlered Moose Permits for the September season in Wildlife Management District (WMD) 19, which includes much of Northern Washington County.

"We recognize that a mistake was made, and want to make sure that we rectify the mistake properly. That is why we are assigning the missing permits to the next 60 people who would have been selected," said Roland D. Martin, Commissioner, Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife.

The department was notified of the omission by a member of the public, who had counted the number of moose permits issued, and came up 60 short of the 2,825. The omission was confirmed late Friday afternoon when a review of the lottery selections revealed that 60 resident antlered moose permits for the September season in WMD 19 had not been assigned. All moose hunters are selected for an anterlered or antlerless moose permit in a wildlife managed district, and assigned a week to hunt. A decision was then made to assign the permits to the first 60 alternates.

Alternates are selected after all the permits are assigned, and are ranked by order of their selection. Each year, approximately 40-60 applicants decline their permit, which is then offered to an alternate. The next 60 alternates have been selected to replace the alternates who now get permits.

A complete list of the winners, including the additional permit winners can be found on the department’s website at

This year there will be 740 antlerless permits issued and 2,085 antlered moose permits issued for a total of 2,825. The moose season is a split season comprised of two weeks. There are 1,120 permits for a season in the far northern and eastern areas (wildlife management districts 1 - 6,11 & 19) September 25th through September 30 and October 9th through 14th. An additional 1,705 permits are for moose hunting (wildlife management districts 1-14,17,18,19, 27 and 28) October 9th through 14th.