Selling or Buying Game Meat Online is Illegal

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Investigators with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) are seeing more instances of people buying or selling wild game meat online these days, so they have been cracking down on cyber-violators.

"It is illegal to sell or purchase game meat online," said Lt. George Wilson, head of the FWC's Internet Crimes Unit. People often do so through online advertisements, unknowingly breaking the law.

"We are running into this quite frequently in our Internet Crimes Unit," Wilson said. "People are posting ads, asking to buy meat, from deer and ducks, for example."

A popular new pet-diet may be escalating the problem. The diet, referred to as the "prey model," calls for hormone-free, natural meat for dogs. This leads pet owners to look for wild game meat, often on the Internet.

"Not only is this a violation, it is also a safety concern for people who purchase wild game meat online for themselves or their pets," Wilson said. "People who purchase the meat don't know the sanitary conditions in which it was processed."To report wildlife law violations, visit or call 888-404-FWCC (3922).


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I think it must depend on the

I think it must depend on the state as here in Colorado it is illegal to sell wild game meat of any kind in any manner. You have to fill out a donation form just to give it to someone to verify it was legally harvested and then given freely. I can see where the concern is poaching would become more of a problem if people could seel it to whoever was willing to pay the most for it.

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I can see why they want to

I can see why they want to enforce this, but I am curious, will that also cover things like venison jerky?

Alot of guys make a living selling stuff like that off the side.  Maybe if it's straight meat, it's not okay, but if you process it and turn it into something else, it'll be okay?

Be interesting to find out.