Second Elk Application Deadline Approaching

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Hunters who do not have a 2006 elk license and who are interested in applying for one of the remaining leftover licenses have only a few days before the application deadline.

The postmark deadline for paper applications in the second drawing for elk licenses is Friday, June 16. Individuals applying online have until 8:00 a.m. (CDT) on Tuesday, June 20.

Anyone who does not already have a 2006 elk license for any season, whether or not they held a license in a previous year, is eligible to apply for a leftover license. Drawing one of these leftover licenses does not affect eligibility or preference in a future first drawing for elk licenses.

The leftover license list for regular Firearms Black Hills Elk licenses includes units:

H1B23 (16 licenses); H1C23 (42); H2B23 (82); H2C23 (197); H2D23 (52); H2E23 (98); H3B23 (145); H3C23 (195); H4B23 (59); H4C23 (58); H5B23 (20); H5C23 (20); H7B23 (61); H7C23 (79); H9B23 (28); and H9C23 (29).

For Archery Black Hills Elk, leftovers include: 30A23 (4 licenses); H1A23 (27); H2A23 (39); H3A23 (18); H4A23 (8); H7A23 (18); and H9A23 (6).

Prairie Elk leftover licenses are: 11A23 6; and 11B23 2.

The online application license system may be accessed from the Game, Fish and Parks home page at