Saskatchewan Hunters Cautioned About Fire Hazards

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Hunting season is underway and hunters are being asked to be careful to avoid accidentally starting a wildfire.

Extremely dry conditions across much of the province have created a high fire hazard in many of the areas where people hunt. This is especially true in the southwest where there is already a fire ban in place in Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park. Hunters may also want to check with Rural Municipalities to see if they have established a fire ban.

Saskatchewan Environment is asking hunters not to light campfires and to ensure that all cigarettes and matches are fully extinguished. They are also being asked to stay on roads and trails and not drive though pastures or areas that have high grass and not to park in grassy areas. The heat from a vehicle exhaust system can be enough to start a fire.

Saskatchewan Environment also advises hunters to respect the rights of landowners and lessees and ask for permission before hunting on private land.