Saskatchewan Hunters and Anglers Contribute to Economy

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Hunting and fishing are major contributors to the Saskatchewan economy, according to a recently completed review.

Of the $1.4 billion spent annually by tourists in Saskatchewan, approximately $307 million is spent by people engaged in hunting or fishing activities, including money spent on outfitting services. Hunters and anglers who live in Saskatchewan spent $176 million of that, or about $100 every time they went hunting or fishing.

"Saskatchewan is blessed with a healthy environment and bountiful natural resources that make life better for Saskatchewan families by creating jobs and economic growth," Environment Minister John Nilson said. "Much of the spending from hunting and fishing supports our rural and northern communities and businesses, such as restaurants, hotels and gas stations."

People spent the most money on angling. In 2005, approximately 120,000 Saskatchewan residents over the age of 16 bought a fishing licence. Another 21,000 Canadians and 19,000 people from out of the country came to Saskatchewan to fish. All together they spent a total of $200 million. The province's commercial fishery was worth another $5 million. In 2005, 70,000 hunters, 49,000 of whom were Saskatchewan residents, spent $107 million.

"In addition to the substantial contribution to the province's economy, hunting and fishing have deep social and cultural importance in Saskatchewan," Nilson said. "It is important to ensure that these activities take place in a way that will allow them to continue to benefit everyone in Saskatchewan and help build a better future right here for our young people."

The review, commissioned by Saskatchewan Environment, is the most extensive study to date of hunting and fishing expenditures in the province. It will form one piece of a body of environmental, social and economic knowledge that will be used to help make decisions about conservation and resource use.