Revolvers Allowed for Deer Hunting in Connecticut

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The Department of Environmental Protection announced that beginning this fall hunters will have the option to use a revolver to hunt deer on private lands of 10 or more acres. The change was made possible by a new law (PA 10-99) enacted during the 2010 legislative session and subsequent agency regulations which were approved on September 28, 2010.

Landowners or family members hunting on their own land of 10 or more acres during the landowner deer season, and others hunting private lands with the permission of the owner during the shotgun/rifle deer season may now purchase a $5 revolver endorsement through the DEP on-line licensing system. Important conditions include:

  • The Revolver Deer Endorsement is only valid when used in conjunction with a valid Free Landowner Permit or a Resident Private Land Shotgun/Rifle Permit.
  • Landowners must authorize a hunter's use of a revolver on the Private Land Consent form pdf.
  • If you hunt both under a Free Landowner Permit and a Resident Private Land Shotgun/Rifle Permit, only one Revolver Deer Endorsement is required.
  • Revolvers must be .357 caliber or larger and have a barrel less than 12 inches in length.
  • li>Semi-automatic pistols and single shot pistols (i.e. TC Contender or Encore) are NOT permitted.
  • Revolvers should not be concealed and should be carried openly in a sling or holster while hunting.
  • All other regulations pertaining to deer hunting with firearms, including tagging, reporting and wearing of fluorescent orange, apply to revolver hunters.
  • All other laws and regulations pertaining to the possession of revolvers, including State Pistol Permits, apply to revolver hunters.

"It is important for sportsmen to recognize that the revolver endorsement does not provide a special season, extra days or extra bag limit for deer", stated Rick Jacobson, Director of the DEP Wildlife Division. "It simply provides an option to use a revolver during the established firearms seasons. It is equally important to emphasize that the revolver endorsement is not a substitute for a state pistol permit, which is required under Connecticut law to carry a pistol or revolver", continued Jacobson.