Results for 2005 Fall Turkey Hunting Season

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The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) recently released harvest totals for the 2005 fall turkey hunting season. "The number of turkey hunters and harvest was lower than the pervious year," said Michael Gregonis, Wildlife Biologist with the DEP Wildlife Division.

The 2005 fall firearms hunting season resulted in a reported harvest of 156 birds, representing a 33% percent decrease from the 234 birds harvested in 2004. Overall, 2,941 firearms permits were issued and 118 hunters took at least one turkey, for a 4% success rate. Private land hunters (2,343) harvested 143 birds, whereas state land hunters (598) harvested 13 birds. Hunters reported harvesting at least 1 bird from 64 of 169 Connecticut towns (38%). The towns of Woodstock (16), Union (7), and Warren (7) recorded the highest harvest. The highest state land harvest was reported in Natchaug State Forest (2) and Nassahegon State Forest (2). Highest overall zonal harvest occurred in turkey management zones 5 (28) and 2 (21). The fall firearms harvest included: 33 adult males, 46 adult females, 38 juvenile males and 39 juvenile females.

During the 2005 fall archery season, 2,061 permits were issued to hunters and 46 birds were harvested (a 32% decrease from the 68 birds harvested in 2004). Forty archers took at least 1 bird. The statewide success rate was 1.9 percent. Wild turkeys were taken from 31 towns, with Lebanon (5), Lyme (3), and Newtown (3) reporting the highest harvest. The highest state land harvest occurred at MDC Colebrook/Hogback Dam (2) and Pease Brook Wildlife Management Area (2). Turkey management zones 11 (14) and 12 (7) recorded the highest zonal harvest. The fall archery harvest included: 16 adult males, 15 adult females, 8 juvenile males and 7 juvenile females.

To learn more about the 2006 wild turkey hunting seasons, including the upcoming spring season in May, consult the 2006 Connecticut Hunting and Trapping Guide, available at town clerks’ and DEP offices, or visit the DEP’s website at