Record Muzzleloader Buck

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Many Vermont hunters have taken large bucks this fall, but William Atwood of Bolton has a special reason to celebrate. Atwood toppled Vermont's record for the biggest buck taken by muzzleloader since the muzzleloader season was established in 1986.

The clean-dressed weight of Atwood's buck was 232 pounds. The previous record was a 206-pound buck taken in 1993 in Richford by Terry Tatro.

Atwood shot the massive buck in Bolton on December 7. Its impressive antlers had seven points. He plans on getting the trophy animal mounted.

"Mr. Atwood's big buck measured eight feet, four inches from its nose to the tip of its rear hooves as it hung," said John Hall with the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department. "It undoubtedly weighed considerably more back in early November, having lost several pounds during the rutting season."

Vermont's muzzleloader deer season ends Sunday, December 15. In 2001, hunters took 810 bucks with three-inch or longer antlers during the muzzleloader season.