RCBS Introduces New Rifle Bullet Feeder for Reloading

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RCBS, maker of reloading equipment and precision shooting products, introduces two new Rifle Bullet Feeder Kits to its lineup of popular and proven reloading gear. Designed for the progressive metallic reloading press, these two new units include a 30-caliber kit and a 22-caliber kit (MSRP: $595.95 each). Both kits are available now.

Feeder Kit increases load rate by 50-percent.

The Rifle Bullet Feeder Kit is designed to fit on most 7/8"-14 threaded progressive presses and features a four country, universal 110-240 VAC power supply operated collator unit that orients the bullets to drop directly into the feed mechanism. The 30-caliber hopper holds approximately 125 (180-grain) 30-caliber bullets while the 22-caliber feeder holds approximately 250 (55-grain) 22-caliber bullets. Both units increase load rates by least 50%. NOTE: Not for use with lead bullets. Jacketed or FMJ bullets only.

Product highlights:

  • Available for either 22-caliber or 30-caliber
  • Increases load rate by 50%
  • Large hopper for non-stop reloading and max output/efficiency
  • Bullets are oriented to drop directly into feed mechanism/seat die
  • Bullet feeding and seating are accomplished in one station.
  • No need to flare case mouth for proper bullet seating
  • Adjustable collator height
  • RCBS® two-year warranty

Maximize time at the reloading bench.

RCBS' new Rifle Bullet Feeder Kits are the most efficient way to reload metallic centerfire 22-caliber and 30-caliber loads. The power operated collator unit ensures each bullet component is properly oriented for feeding directly into the seat die. "This steady stream of properly aligned bullets increases the consistency of your reloading process," claimed Kent Sakamoto, product line manager. "It guarantees your progressive press rolls right along making round after round-regardless of press make or model. Red, green or blue, our new Rifle Bullet Feeders fit all progressive presses and increase the seed and consistency of reloading. That's what these Rifle Bullet Feeders bring to the reloading table."

About RCBS®

RCBS is a leading provider of quality reloading equipment and precision shooting products. For more information or to view the complete line of RCBS products, please visit www.rcbs.com.