Rattlesnake Hunting Permits now Available

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While most people tend to avoid rattlesnakes whenever possible, there are more than a few who actually go looking for them. These brave individuals gather each spring at rattlesnake round-ups, hunts and festivals in communities like Apache, Mangum, Waurika, Okeene and Waynoka.

In a cooperative effort, Oklahoma Representative Joe Dorman and the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation have made it more convenient for participants of these unique events to purchase a $5 rattlesnake hunting permit. These permits will now be available through the event organizer.

“These community festivals are not only a long standing tradition and important part of our culture, these events are also a big boost to local economies. Visitors come from miles around to participate, have a good time with their families and just to see these unique spectacles,” Dorman said.

Dorman, the assistant democratic floor leader, represents Oklahomans in District 65 which includes the municipalities of Apache, Cement, Chickasha, Cyril, Elgin, Fletcher, Fort Sill, Lawton, Medicine Park, Ninnekah, Rush Springs and Sterling – an area of the state noted for rattlesnakes and rattlesnake hunts. In addition to his involvement in the Apache Rattlesnake Association, Dorman also is a member of the National Rifle Association, the Farmers Union, the Farm Bureau, and the National Wild Turkey Federation. Dorman also serves as the House Vice Chairman of the Legislative Sportsman’s Caucus.

“We’re always looking for ways to make it easier for sportsmen to spend time in the outdoors. You can purchase a 5-day rattlesnake hunting permit over the Internet, at the Wildlife Department’s office in Oklahoma City and now you can purchase a permit at the rattlesnake festivals,” said Melinda Sturgess-Streich, chief of administration for the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation.

For more information about rattlesnake festivals in Oklahoma, contact:

Okeene Annual Rattlesnake Hunt - For more information call (580) 822-3101

Waynoka Snake Hunt, April 22 - For more information call (580) 824-1471 or log on to www.waynoka.com/littlesahara/snakehunt.htm

Waurika Rattlesnake Hunt, April 7-9 - For more information call (580) 228-2553 or log on to www.rattlesnakehunt.com

Mangum Rattlesnake Derby, April 29-30 - For more information call (580) 782-2434

Apache Rattlesnake Festival, April 13-16 - For more information call (580) 588-3361

Any person hunting during an organized rattlesnake hunting event or festival must have a 5-Day rattlesnake permit, unless exempt. Persons with a valid hunting or combination hunting/fishing license are exempt from the rattlesnake permit. Individuals hunting rattlesnakes at a rattlesnake event or festival are exempt from the Fishing and Hunting Legacy Permit.