Rage Crossbow Broadhead Introduced

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In North America, crossbow hunting continues to soar in popularity, making it the fastest growing segment of modern hunting. Currently, 14 U.S. states and four Canadian Provinces consider the crossbow another legitimate form of hunting equipment. To better equip the crossbow archer, Rage is pleased to announce the introduction of its new Rage Crossbow broadhead.

Available in 100-grain and 125-grain weights, both new Rage Crossbow broadheads deliver consistent arrow flight and have a devastating cutting diameter of 1 3/4 inches to inflict maximum damage and incredible penetration. The revolutionary SlipCam rear-blade-deployment system used in the Rage Crossbow broadhead offers fully deployed blades immediately upon impact, with no loss of kinetic energy. This results in huge entry holes, gaping wound channels and unprecedented blood trails on its targets.

The Rage Crossbow broadheads are recognizable by their lustrous orange color, and they will be sold in packs of three broadheads with a free practice head for $44.99.

Rage Broadheads are also available in a traditional 100-grain 2-Blade design with either the new 1.5-inch or the giant 2-inch cutting diameter. Last year, Rage introduced a 125-grain 2-blade as well as a 100-grain Titanium 2-blade. The Rage 3-Blade design with a 1.5-inch cutting diameter is also available. For an in-depth look at the Rage and the revolutionary, patented designs, check out the interactive website www.ragebroadheads.com. Be sure to spend some time looking at the high-speed video footage comparing the impacts of fixed, traditional expandables, and the Rage.

Rage Broadheads is headquartered at 101 Main Street, Superior, WI 54880. For more information, on the new Rage Crossbow broadheads or the full line of Rage broadheads visit www.ragebroadheads.com.


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Wow! Those Rage broad heads

Wow! Those Rage broad heads are really awesome! I have seen many hunting shows where they used them with compounds, and they always leave a huge entry wound. Sometimes when a deer runs off after being shot, the blood is literally pouring out the hole; this is something that you never see with other types of blades.

These new crossbow heads with a 1 3/4" cutting diameter are going to be absolutely lethal on all game animals that they are used on. On their website, they had several high-speed videos of the Rage heads hitting targets, plywood and even concrete. Their performance is fantastic.

IF I had a crossbow, these are definitely the broad heads that I would be using. The fact that they include a practice head is really great, too.