Quebec Concerned With George River Caribou Herd Decline

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The Minister for Natural Resources and Wildlife, Mr. Serge Simard, says he is concerned at the reduction in the size of the Northern Québec region's George River caribou herd, as revealed by the aerial census carried out in the sector in the summer of 2010. The census estimates the current total caribou population at 74,000 animals.

"I am really sensitive to the situation uncovered by the aerial census, and based on these figures, the MRNF will be in a position to take action as required," said Minister Simard. "I intend to monitor this matter carefully, because caribou hunting generates some important economic spin-offs."

The MRNF intends to work with the Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Coordinating Committee and other partners to prepare the next Caribou Management Plan.

"The MRNF is concerned by the caribou situation in Northern Québec," said Mr. Simard. "I am confident that the collaborative efforts of the various stakeholders in Québec will produce results and will allow us to preserve the extremely valuable barren ground caribou resource."


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The story doesn't say what

The story doesn't say what they thought the size of the herd was before the survey so I wonder how much of a decline has occurrred.  First Labrador and now Quebec.  I wonder if the two declines are related or if they just happened independently of one another?

He mentioned his concern because of the economic impact but I don't know what steps he can take other than limit hunting which of course will reduce revenue.  Not a good situation for Quebec or the hunter.  And, I guess for that matter the caribou.

I don't plan to hunt caribou, but I don't like to see the decline of any animals.