Public Hearing on Deer/Elk Importation

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The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board will hold a public hearing February 19 on a proposed regulation controlling the importation and possession of deer and elk carcasses into Vermont.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board proposes to make an emergency regulation permanent by adopting it through the normal regulatory process.

“We believe it is important to make this a permanent regulation at this time,” said Director of Wildlife Thomas Decker. “The purpose is to protect Vermont’s deer population from diseases that could be harmful, including chronic wasting disease.”

The primary part of the proposed regulation reads: “The importation or possession of deer or elk carcasses, or parts thereof, from chronic wasting disease endemic areas, affected areas and out-of-state captive hunt and farm facilities is prohibited except as provided below:

  • Meat that is cut up and packaged, and not mixed with other deer or elk during processing.
  • Meat that is boneless.
  • Hides or cape with no part of the head attached.
  • Clean skull-cap with antlers attached.
  • Antlers with no other meat or tissue attached.
  • Finished taxidermy heads.
  • Upper canine teeth with no tissue attached.
  • The Commissioner may issue a letter authorizing the importation of cervid tissue specimens for CWD testing by a USDA certified laboratory if he or she determines that there is no significant threat to Vermont’s native cervid population and there is a need for the testing.”

The Fish and Wildlife Board will begin its regular meeting at 7:00 p.m. in the Pavilion Office Building Auditorium on State Street in Montpelier. The hearing will begin after conclusion of the regular meeting.