Private Land Elk Hunting System Under Review

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The New Mexico Department of Game and Fish and New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson today announced a review of the system for allocating elk hunting licenses among private lands statewide. This review will take place during the next six months.

A three-member committee, composed of New Mexico Game and Fish commissioners, will conduct the review of the present system and prepare recommendations. Commission members who will serve include Peter Pino of Zia Pueblo, Alfredo Montoya of Alcalde and Guy Riordan of Albuquerque, who will serve as chairman of the committee.

The review was requested by Gov. Richardson to more fairly and adequately address rancher, landowner and system concerns and to preserve New Mexico wildlife.

The governor stated that the economic and cultural impact that elk hunting has on New Mexico, especially rural New Mexico, is extremely important to our state. It is important to establish a system that is equitable to ranch owners and also offers more opportunity access to sportsmen.

The system should be based on sound biological science to better manage and protect our elk herd.