Printer Error Won't Stop Hunt

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The general hunting season for black-tail deer on the Long Beach Peninsula will open Oct. 12, even though it is not listed in the state hunting pamphlet, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) announced in a clarifying statement today.

The area, designated as Game Management Unit (GMU) 684, was omitted from the "modern firearms" section of the Big Game pamphlet due to a printing error, said Jerry Nelson, WDFW deer and elk section manager.

"All hunting seasons for GMU 684 are included in the actual state regulations approved by the Washington Fish and Wildlife Commission, so the modern firearms season for deer on the Long Beach Peninsula will begin at the same time as others in western Washington," Nelson said. "We apologize for any confusion this omission may have caused."

Other hunting seasons in GMU 684, including those involving archers and muzzleloaders are correctly noted in the pamphlet, Nelson said.

Under state regulations, hunters may take any buck in GMU 684 during the modern firearms season that runs from Oct. 12-31, Nelson said. Because GMU 684 is a firearms-restricted area, high-powered centerfire and rimfire rifles are not allowed.

GMU 684 is defined as all of the Long Beach Peninsula west of the mouth of the Bear River; south along Bear River to U.S. Highway 101; southwest on Highway 101 to Alternate Highway 101; south and west on Highway 101 to the Wallacut River; and south along the Wallacut River to the Columbia River.