Primos Introduces New Trail Cams

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Let's face it, scouting for whitetails should be as much fun as hunting them, not a chore made aggravating by hard-to-operate trail cameras. Finally, for those hunters looking for a camera that is as easy to use as it is affordable and great at capturing images, Primos® introduces their line of Truth® Cam trail cameras.

Available in four distinct models, these cameras not only offer superior in-field performance and features common to models that retail for more than twice the cost, but are designed to be among the easiest units to operate anywhere in the whitetail woods. With the Primos Truth Cam, it's as simple as loading batteries and an SD card into the unit and start recording photos or video. Most hunters will never even need to read the accompanying manual. Set-up instructions are plainly displayed inside the door of most models, and features simple and fun to watch video tips that help consumers get more out of their Truth Cams.

Hunters everywhere will marvel at the ease-of-use Truth Cam brings to crucial pre-season and in-season scouting efforts by allowing key settings to be adjusted using straightforward individual selector switches or simple icon-based digital menus depending on the model. In addition, all Truth Cams offer the choice of video or still photo modes, exceptional trigger speeds, long battery life (powered by 4 D-Cell batteries sold separately), an external LCD window displaying the photo count and battery life, a rugged case with a security cable hole, high resolution video, Primos' one-year warranty and supports up to an 8GB SD Card (sold separately) for image collection and storage. Every Truth Cam photo taken displays date, time, temperature, moon phase and photo or video status.

The four Truth Cam models are:

Truth Cam 35-Quite possibly the simplest camera on the market to use, the Truth Cam 35 is also one of the most affordable. Yet it doesn't cut corners on performance. The camera boasts a 3.0 MP resolution during daylight hours and 1.3 MP at night, as well as a powerful 35-LED bank that allows high-quality image capture out to 40 feet at night. It has a trigger speed of 1.5 seconds when coming out of battery-saving sleep mode and a lightning-fast 0.3 seconds when it is not. The affordability of the 35 makes it the perfect camera for budget-conscious sportsmen looking to establish multiple camera locations for more effective monitoring of the deer on their property. (MSRP: $119.99)

Truth Cam 46-Take the Truth Cam experience to the next level of simple in-field performance with a unit that boasts a 50-foot extended night range powered by a bank of 46 infrared LEDs. The number of active LEDs can be adjusted to preserve battery life and optimize nighttime performance. Daytime photo resolution can be set as high as 5.0 MP and as low as 1.3 MP in order to suit your preference of image size versus battery life and storing more images on the SD card. Nighttime resolution can be set as high as 3.1. The Truth Cam 46 is available in Matrix camouflage. (MSRP: $159.99)

Truth Cam 60-Like the 46, the Truth Cam 60 boasts 60 adjustable LEDs for a maximum night range of 60 feet. Daytime image resolution of up to 7.0 MP is achievable with the nighttime resolution able to take photos at 5.0 MP. The unit's features match that of the 46 including the Matrix Camouflage finish. The Truth Cam 60 offers superior performance and range at a price still not seen in many comparably featured models on the market. (MSRP: $179.99)

Truth Cam X-For the ultimate trail camera experience, the Truth Cam X captures exceptional images out to 65 feet during night hours employing the full power of its 62 infrared LEDs. Trigger speeds are super quick at just under 1 second out of sleep mode and daytime image resolution can be set as high as 7.0 MP and nighttime at 5.0 MP. Captured images or video can be viewed on the spot through the unit's 2.5-inch color screen, which is great for hunters headed to the stand that day and trying to determine if and when deer are on the move at that location. The same screen can also be used to get a live screen preview for setting the camera for a perfect field of view every time. Multi-shot bursts can be set to take 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 images per triggering. The Truth Cam X offers additional security features such as password protection for operating the camera. It's available in Matrix camouflage and includes a heavy-duty hook strap. (MSRP: $279.99)

Every Truth Cam can be used with the Primos® pivoting camera mount for the ultimate in adjusting units for that perfect angle independent of a tree's trunk. No more shoving sticks or small limbs behind a camera to set it at the proper angle. The pivoting mount is sold separately.(MSRP $24.99)

For more information on Primos' Truth Cam line or any of Primos Hunting Calls' top-quality products, please contact Primos Hunting Calls at [email protected] or 800-523-2395; or visit us at our website at


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I bought a Truth Cam 35

I bought a Truth Cam 35 mainly because of the price. It doesn't have the bells and whistles but it can't be beat for general scouting. I plan on putting mine up in a few weeks for mule deer.