Oregon Raffle Tickets for Big Game on Sale Now

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Raffle tickets for select 2007 big game hunts went on sale at license agents statewide and at most ODFW offices.

The sale of raffle tickets usually begins Dec. 1 but 2007 ticket sales were scheduled to begin Jan. 2 at ODFW offices and March 15 at license agents due to the release of ODFW's new point-of-sale (POS) licensing system. ODFW announced yesterday that the new system would be implemented in summer 2007 rather than March to provide more time for preparation and testing.

A total of 13 tags will be offered and raffled off at the Oregon Hunters Association (OHA) State Convention on May 19 in Bend. The deadline to purchase tickets at license agents and ODFW offices is May 7. Additional raffle tickets will be sold from 5-6:30 pm at the convention.

Raffle tickets offered include hard-to-get tags for bighorn sheep, Rocky mountain goat, and pronghorn. Proceeds raised from raffle sales for these three hunts directly benefit the management and research of these species. Raffle tickets for bighorn sheep, Rocky Mountain goat, and pronghorn tags are $11 for one, $51 for six, and $101 for 13.

The other nine hunts are offered through the Access and Habitat (A&H) program, with proceeds funding projects that improve public hunting access and wildlife habitat on private land. The A&H hunts offered are statewide combination deer and elk (2 tags), statewide deer, statewide elk, northeast Oregon deer, southeast Oregon deer, central Oregon deer, northeast Oregon elk, central/southeast Oregon elk, and western Oregon elk. Ticket prices for deer hunts are $4 for one ticket, $11 for six, $21 for 15, $51 for 40 and $101 for 100. Elk raffle tickets are $6 for one, $21 for six, $41 for 15 and $101 for 40. Combination deer and elk hunt tickets are one for $11, six for $31, 15 for $61 and 40 for $151. Packages of 40 and 100 raffle tickets for these hunts can only be purchased through ODFW headquarters. To order, visit ODFW headquarters or mail or fax 3406 Cherry Ave. NE, Salem, OR 97303, fax (503) 947-6117 or (503) 947-6113.

To be accepted, purchased tickets must be completely filled out. Completed tickets must be mailed back to ODFW, postmarked no later than May 12 and sent to: ODFW-Raffles, PO Box 7760, Salem, OR 97303. Completed raffle tickets may also be hand-delivered to ODFW Headquarters in Salem by May 17 at 5 p.m. or to the OHA Convention in Bend on May 19 by 7 p.m.

Order forms and more information are available from point-of-sale agents, on page 27 of the 2007 Oregon Big Game Regulations, by calling (503) 947-6300, or at the web site www.dfw.state.or.us/resources/hunting/auctions_raffles/.

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