Oregon Program Provides Hunting Tags to Terminally Ill Youth

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The Fish and Wildlife Commission adopted regulations for a program that provides free hunting tags to terminally ill youth and young adults, a program authorized in 2005 after the passage of Senate Bill 694.

The rules adopted today define ages for hunters participating in the program as 12-21 years old; set a limit of 10 deer, 10 elk and five pronghorn tags annually for the program; and limit each charitable organization sponsoring hunters to five tags per year.

Rules adopted today also set expanded hunting seasons for the tag-holders, Aug. 1-Sept. 30 for pronghorn and Sept. 1-Nov. 30 for deer and elk.

The adopted regulations are similar to guidelines utilized by the national "Hunt of a Lifetime" organization.

Last year, when the program was operating under temporary regulations, two tags were provided (one deer tag was issued to a nonresident and one elk tag was issued to an Oregon resident).  Both tag-holders were successful.