Only 28 Days to Hunt National Forest

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New Mexico's big game hunting seasons begin Aug. 1, the opening day of bear season in many management units around the state.

Hunters should remember they are not allowed to remain in one campsite for more than 14 days, nor on any National Forest for more than 28 days in any 45-day period.

"This both protects the resource and allows more campers to enjoy the forest," said Victor Apodaca, Law Enforcement officer with the Santa Fe National Forest. "Some groups want to stay in one place from the beginning of hunting season to the very end and that could result in serious resource damage. We have hunting seasons from August through March."

Apodaca says that hunters may stay in one location for 14 days, then need to move at least one-quarter mile away. After their 28 days on the forest, they must not camp on that forest for an additional 17 days. Day use is permitted.

Registered outfitters are exempt from this rule, Apodaca says, however, their campsites must be pre-approved by the Forest Service.