Nova Scotia Wildlife Resources Card Renewal Notice

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With hunting season just around the corner, hunters are reminded that there is no requirement to renew Wildlife Resources Cards at this time.

The Wildlife Resources Card, issued by the Department of Natural Resources, is used to identify qualified hunters. Cards slated to expire between December 31, 2010 and December 31, 2012, are now valid until at least December 2012.

There will be no interruption in services when using Wildlife Resources Cards for purchasing licences, entering deer or moose draws or any other transactions which require a valid card. As always, hunters are required to carry their Wildlife Resources Card with them while engaged in hunting and or trapping activities in the province.

Wildlife Resources Cards renewed prior to February 25th, 2010 are valid for five years (December 2015) and will be accepted by the Department of Natural Resources for the full five-year period, regardless of any future changes affecting the card.