Nova Scotia Deer Season Begins Today

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Nova Scotian hunters are celebrating another deer hunting season, which begins today, Oct. 29.

"Deer hunting is a popular sport in our province and it also helps manage the wildlife population, especially in areas where deer have become overly abundant," said Natural Resources Minister John MacDonell.

To manage the deer population in Nova Scotia, a zone system is used to set the number of antlerless licences based on the number of deer in various areas. This year the province has reconfigured the deer zones from an eight- to a 12-zone system, so applicants should review new zones carefully.

Hunters can harvest one deer of either sex in zones 107, 105 and 102. In zone 102, hunters can purchase a bonus antlerless deer stamp to take an additional antlerless deer in the zone. The remaining nine zones are antlered deer only, unless hunters have an antlerless deer stamp.

Mr. MacDonell reminded hunters to make safety a priority and encouraged people in the woods to wear hunter-orange clothing at all times.

The five-week season excludes Sundays and runs until Dec. 3.

Again this year, meat may be donated to food banks through Feed Nova Scotia's Hunters Helping the Hungry program. Hunters may bring a deer or moose to a participating meat cutter to donate all or a portion of the meat to help families in need.